Textbook Affordability Initiative

AIP and FIU Panther Book Pack

Your resource page on how to adopt textbooks and course materials in the Adoptions & Insights Portal (AIP), and the FIU Panther Book Pack initiative coming Fall 2021.

Understanding AIP

AIP provides faculty with a more efficient system for selecting and adopting course materials from semester to semester. Additional benefits of AIP include the following.

  • All course material adoptions are archived and allow a one-click re-adoption feature for future terms.
  • AIP lists all format options (new, used, rental, digital) with pricing details.
  • AIP facilitates communication with the local bookstore representative and has 24-hour online support which can be accessed by clicking on “Open Chat.”
  • AIP offers a comprehensive database of other schools’ adoptions to help faculty identify what is being used across the country at other campuses.

FIU faculty and staff may conveniently access AIP with their FIU credentials (single sign-on credentials) at http://go.fiu.edu/adopt.  To get started with navigating AIP, use our Step-by-Step Guide, view the Faculty Demo Video, read our Frequently Asked Questions, and find Contacts for Support below.

Adoption Deadlines for Summer and Fall 2021

Summer 2021
AIP open for adoptions: March 8, 2021

Institutional deadline: March 22, 2021

Legal deadline: March 26, 2021

First day of semester: May 10, 2021


Fall 2021
AIP open for adoptions: March 8, 2021

Institutional deadline: none – as early as possible

Legal deadline: July 9, 2021

First day of semester: August 23, 2021

Step-by-step guide

Tier 2 Access Request Form

Faculty Demo Video

AIP Bulk Adoptions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do FIU faculty and staff access AIP?

All current FIU faculty and staff can access AIP via http://go.fiu.edu/adopt and log in with their FIU credentials. AIP can also be accessed from Canvas.

I am a current FIU faculty or staff member but I couldn’t access AIP with my FIU credentials. What do I do?

Please try a different browser (choose from Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). If you are still not able to log in, contact the Division of IT Call Center at 305-348-2284 or visit askit.fiu.edu to submit a request for assistance.

Why is FIU transitioning from FacultyEnlight to AIP in Summer 2020?

Barnes & Noble has developed AIP to take advantage of enhanced features to the regular adoption process. These new features are to the benefit of those making adoptions (faculty and staff) as well as those reporting on adoptions (administrators). AIP offers many functionalities that were not available in FacultyEnlight. FacultyEnlight is being retired nation-wide in 2020.

I do not require/recommend any course materials that students must purchase. Do I still have to make an adoption?

Yes. The State of Florida (see HB 7019) as well as the Board of Governors (see Regulation 8.003) require all instructors to declare if any textbooks or course materials are required/recommended 45 days prior to the semester. If you do not require/recommend any materials, you still need to declare that by checking “I’m not using any materials for this class” in AIP to be in compliance.

I’m a faculty member but I want to submit adoptions for other faculty. How can I do that?

In order to make textbook adoptions for others in AIP, you must obtain department admin access (tier 2). Please complete this Tier 2 Access Online Request Form for Tier 2 department admin access to AIP.  You will be notified within four business days or less with further instructions on how to access AIP.

I’m a staff member and I need to make adoptions on behalf of faculty. How can I do that?

In order to make textbook adoptions for others in AIP, you must obtain department admin access (tier 2). Please complete this Tier 2 Access Online Request Form for Tier 2 department admin access to AIP.  You will be notified within four business days or less with further instructions on how to access AIP.


What is the difference between the institutional deadline and the legal deadline for textbook adoptions at FIU?

FIU has instituted the following deadlines for each Fall, Spring and Summer semester:

  •   Institutional deadline for faculty to submit adoptions: 50 days before the first day of the semester (not the first day of class)

  •   Legal deadline for the chair to submit adoptions on behalf of his/her faculty: 45 days before the first day of the semester (not the first day of class)

My adoption was made after the legal deadline (45 days prior to the first day of the semester). What now?

You are required to include a justification for not meeting the legal deadline.


Previously, I only had to make adoptions for lecture and labs type courses. Is that still the case?

Yes. We recognize that the many course types rarely require materials such as textbooks for purchase. As such we have implemented a default “No Text Material Required For This Course” adoption response effective Summer 2017 for the following course types:

  • Directed Individual Study
  • Graduate Dissertation
  • Graduate Thesis
  • Individual Performance Instruction
  • Internships
  • Other
  • Supervised Research

Supervised Teaching Instructors of the above course types who do require or recommend course materials still must submit their adoption in AIP by the legal deadline.

AIP only lists two options for campus locations: MMC/Online and BBC. But I teach at a different location (i.e. I-75, Brickell, MBUS). What now?

All other locations are included under MMC/Online.

How do I know that my adoption in AIP was submitted successfully?

You will receive a confirmation email and we recommend that you keep it on file for future reference.

I need assistance with using AIP or verifying my adoptions made previously. Who can help me?

Once you are logged into AIP, select “Adoption Support” and select from one of the communications options (email, phone, chat or leave a message for either one of the bookstore managers at MMC or BBC).

Understanding the Panther Book Pack

The FIU Panther Book Pack is an inclusive access textbook affordability initiative to significantly reduce textbook material costs for all undergraduate courses. It is being piloted at FIU in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 for the Florida State University System in partnership with Barnes & Noble, the University’s on-campus bookstore.


The FIU Panther Book Pack rental program bundles the cost of required course materials (print and digital) into one uniform, discounted subscription price ($20 per undergraduate credit) at the time our students register for their classes.  Students will pay a flat rate for their required semester textbooks and course materials.

The Panther Book Pack program generates significant savings to our students and ensures equitable access to course materials on the first day of class. It is designed to meet our students’ individual needs semester to semester. Students who do not wish to participate in the Panther Book Pack program may opt out for the semester until the end of add/drop period.

What Students Need to Know

Students should visit bookpack.fiu.edu for detailed information on the FIU Panther Book Pack

What Faculty and Staff Need to Know

An Innovative Textbook Affordability Model

Barnes & Noble has implemented inclusive access programs similar to the FIU Panther Book Pack at other universities but none at an institution as large as FIU and at the lowest rate of $20 per undergraduate credit hour. That’s due to the size of FIU’s undergraduate student body (nearly 50,000) and the many low- and no-cost textbook and course material choices by our faculty over the past years.

Student Benefits of the FIU Panther Book Pack 

Our students will be assured that the cost to rent required course materials will never be more than $20 per undergraduate credit (that adds up to $240 for full-time, 12-credit course load). Through the automatic enrollment in the Panther Book Pack program, students will receive/have access to all their required print and digital course materials by the first day of class.

Why are FIU and Barnes & Noble Partnering for this Initiative?

FIU and Barnes & Noble both recognize that making textbooks and course materials more affordable is directly linked to our students’ success. The Panther Book Pack initiative generates discounts of up to 50% and seamlessly provides required course materials to our students by the first day of class, all while faculty retain full choice of course materials and students the ability to opt out. Barnes & Noble is FIU’s exclusive on-campus bookstore and has been a valued partner in reducing textbook and course material costs for our students for over a decade.

How Are These Textbook Savings Achieved? 

Affordability Counts Program

The Panther Book Pack is Affordability Counts in a new way! Currently, to qualify for the Affordability Counts badge, FIU instructors whose textbooks cost $20 or less per course credit must submit their course syllabus for review. Under the Panther Book Pack program all of FIU’s undergraduate courses automatically earn the Affordability Counts badge.

Selection of Textbooks and Course Materials

Faculty do not need to change previously adopted materials. They are free to select the materials and the preferred format that is deemed most effective. Academic freedom is preserved.

Custom Textbooks

Custom textbooks may be adopted under the Panther Book Pack as was the case before.

Using OER and other Low-/No-Cost Materials

Open educational materials (OER) and other low-/no-cost materials less than $20 per credit hour would still provide students savings on their overall semester textbook costs by paying a flat rate for the semester.  Additionally, adopting low-/cost materials and open educational materials will help maintain the low Panther Book Pack subscription rate for all undergraduate courses at FIU.  

Textbook Adoptions

Instructors are still required to submit their textbook and course material adoptions by the legal adoption deadline (at least 45 days prior to the first day of the semester) in the Adoptions & Insights Portal (AIP). However, in order for Barnes & Noble to provide the enormous volume of print and digital course materials for all courses on time, it is important adoptions are submitted as early as possible.


Textbook Adoptions Due Dates

Due to the substantial increase in textbooks to be fulfilled by FIU Barnes & Noble under the Panther Book Pack program, faculty’s early adoptions in the Adoptions & Insights Portal (AIP) are the most critical contribution towards making this program a success.  Early adoptions are necessary to provide Barnes & Noble adequate time to process the textbook adoptions and ensure students receive their course materials by the first day of the semester. Multiple reminders will be sent to the instructors and departmental staff.

Why Not Work Directly with Publishers?

Publishers do not have the ability to provide the vast amount of materials and different formats of content required and recommended by faculty on- and off-campus to our students.

FIU Panther Book Pack Student Process Overview

Textbooks Used Across Multiple Semesters

The Panther Book Pack subscription rate is calculated by credit hour not by individual course. If a student determines his/her semester textbook costs for all courses is less than the Panther Book Pack rate, he/she may opt out of the program for that semester. 

More Convenient Digital Materials Access

In the past, students had to go through multiple platforms to access their digital materials. Through the Panther Book Pack program, all digital materials will be accessed conveniently through Canvas. Since this is a new approach, the FIU Barnes & Noble team will provide support to faculty and students to ensure a smooth transition.

Return of Course Materials at the End of the Semester

There will be several drop-off points around our campuses to make the returning of course materials during the last week of class and the following week as convenient as possible. Students may also ship their materials back to the FIU Barnes & Noble bookstore. There is also the option to purchase any materials that students may wish to retain (print as well as digital access). Instructions for returning course materials will be sent to students at the conclusion of each semester.

More questions? Please visit our comprehensive catalog of FAQs and answers on FIU’s Panther Book Pack program website.

Suggestions or concerns? Please contact Gitta Montoto, Chair of the Textbook Affordability Task Force, by email at gmontoto@fiu.edu or 305-348-3763.


Director of Academic Support Services Gitta Montoto gmontoto@fiu.edu 305-348-3763
Director of Retail Carvel Wallace cwallace@fiu.edu 305-348-2187
B&N MMC Store Manager Michael Comiskey bksfiu@bncollege.com  305-348-3925
B&N MMC Textbook Manager  Gaby Pappaterra-Lopez fiubook@fiu.edu 305-348-3923
B&N BBC Store Manager  Erica Garvey bksfiunmiami@bncollege.com 305-919-5580