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shopFIU and Panther Dining are excited to break ground on the new dining locations coming to the Biscayne Bay Campus this Fall. To accommodate dining needs over the summer, Starbucks at HL will remain open and new food trucks will be added to the rotation along with campus-favorite, Beefsteak! 

Food trucks are open daily from 11am-3pm Monday-Friday.

Browse our truck rotation below, and for the food truck schedule, please click here.

Alta Vaca Grill

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Living by the motto of "epic meat eating". This Argentinian, family owned and operated food truck specializes in empanadas, sandwiches, sirloins, and short ribs, with your choice of sides.


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Vegetables unleashed! Brought to you by one of the country’s leading chefs, José Andrés, Beefsteak combines hearty grains, freshly-made sauces, crisp greens, and flavorful toppings to bowls, sandwiches and salads.

  Chef Holmes Smokin' Bones

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Brought to you by Chef Holmes, who specializes in tender meats that fall off the bone. Try their hearty beef brisket loaded up on a sammie or fall off the bone ribs, tender pulled pork, chicken and sausage.

Celeste Food Truck

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A menu from Uruguay and Argentina, Celeste Food truck uses traditional preparation methods and recipes.  Try their signature dish, Chivitos, and be blown away by the imported spices!

Cuban Guys

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Cuban Guys is loaded with savory delights. Cuban sandwiches, award-winning pan con bistec, burgers, rice bowls and more! So no matter what you're craving, Cuban Guys will have something to hit the spot.

I Heart Mac and Cheese

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I Heart Mac and Cheese specializes in customizable, macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches.  They combine the creativity of award-winning recipes in a grown up approach to this classic childhood dish.

Mateo Pizza

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At Mateo's Pizza try their tantilzing sicilian-style pizza's, meatball subs, and so much more! Enjoy fresh and high-quality ingredients from crispy personal pan pizzas, to garlic sticks, and whole pies.  

Monster Burger

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Monster Burger Food Truck specializes  in Colombian fast food.  Items like hot dogs, burgers, salchipapas (potatoes, sausages, and sauces), maicitos (corn kernals with cheese), and even a chicken burger!

Papas Mix

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Papa's Mix brings you a taste from Venezula with a comfort food twist.  Try arepas stuffed with plaintains and black beans, street tacos, chicken, steak, golden brown french fries and authentic sauces. 

Potato Corner

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 No fry off this potato-based menu will ever be the same once you add any of our patented spices – BBQ, Sour Cream n’ Onion, Chili BBQ and Cheddar. Try golden hash brown puffs, hearty baked potatoes as well as criss-cut sweet potato fries!

Punk Food

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Plant-based "junk" food.  This 100% vegan food truck has recreated our favorite dishes! Try their Hawaiian Empanadas, Mac Philly Melt, Punk Pizza Mac, Deep Fried Oreos, and more! 

Tropical Oasis

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Get your Caribbean food fix at Tropical Oasis Express.  With dishes like: oxtail rive, jerk chicken, jackfruit bowls, and more! Try a combo that comes with fries and drink and are sure to make your lunch delicious!


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Tumbao Buns is serving up some seriously tasty dishes with Latin and Asian flavors. Bao buns are steamed not baked.  Try buns like lomo saltado, orange chicken, terayki steak, and their fried rice.  food-truck-graphic.jpg View Schedule