Preferred Caterers

The University recently completed a competitive solicitation for Catering Services in order to develop a list of authorized caterers who will provide services for FIU campuses.  A select committee worked to find a variety of providers whose service offerings, cuisine, and business models best suited and met the diversity of needs that would serve the FIU community, at large. The caterers offer a range of services, from small breakfast menus to large formal events.

You can find out more about the selected caterers on their webpages located in the left column. Please note that catering vendors are limited to those on this website as Preferred Caterers. For purposes of clarity, "Catering Services” is defined as the business of providing foodservice (including alcoholic beverages, as applicable) for groups larger than ten people at FIU, or such other designated location which is paid for with University funds.  Takeout orders and catering services paid through the Foundation Office are exempt. Please note that this list of authorized caters are the only caters that may be used for Catering Services

Authorized caterers are paid after all the good/services outlined in the accepted quote has been properly provided (for some services, a deposit may be required).  The primary and preferred method of payment is the FIU Pro Card.  A secondary payment option is the use of a blanket purchase order.  Individual purchase orders are not recommended.   

Tutorial Webinar coming soon to provide additional information on utilizing the catering contracts and making payments.  In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Business Services at (305) 348-2187.

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Preferred Caterers