New concepts

Panther Dining

Welcome to the new Panther Dining; Where Hungry Minds Gather. As a proud new partner, Chartwells Higher Education is excited to bring the FIU community an enhanced and elevated dining experience that captures the true essence and culture of this campus. Through the next couple of months and years to come, Panther Dining is re-inventing the look, feel and flavor of the dining locations across campus. From renovations to new locations, the new FIU food scene will be a modern higher education showcase for all to enjoy. Come back for more updates or follow us on social media at @FIU_FoodLife. #WeGotYouFIU
A space where students, faculty, administration and visitors alike can meet, dine and mingle. From appetizing aromas to the sizzle of a hot pan, The 8th Street Campus Kitchen is an open-kitchen platform that showcases the craftsmanship of experienced chefs as they expertly prepare and serve fresh, healthy dishes.
Crepe King Logo New at PG5! Enjoy the taste of homemade crepes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Stick to traditional toppings or give your pallete a treat with Chef King's signature vinagrette and lemon aioli. Then, finish off your meal with a delicious espresso or dessert.
An on-campus convenience store located at the entrance to the residential housing quad offering groceries, beverages, snacks, sandwiches and salads.  Enjoy a variety of items for lunch, dinner and late night dining.
An on-campus convenience store located at the Green Library providing ultimate basics, streamlined convenience, and hand-crafted food features.
A culinary delight beginning with fresh flour, homemade sauce and farm fresh toppings. Enjoy a mouthwatering slice of your favorite pizza or pick up a whole pie to share with friends for your next study party or office break.
A classic diner menu with a few twists (of course) with a concept and menu that is tailored to each location. Experience a constant rotation of offerings like waffle bars and DIY stations.  Now open at 730AM.