Mobile Readers

Need to track event attendance or monitor department services?

Streamline the check-in process for your next event or measure the services your department provides to students, faculty and staff. The FIU One Card readers are a simple, effective tool available in both mobile and hard-wired versions.

  • Smart Tracking

    • Event access - granted based on enrollment or attendee type

    • FIU Cash transaction processing – charge attendees for an event

    • Attendance tracking – detailed demographic data collection

    • Time-keeping capability – validate scheduled hours for staff

  • Real- Time Reporting

    • Real time access to data anytime and anywhere with our web-based solution

    • Variety of customizable reports (attendee type and/or demographic data of choice for FIU students, faculty, staff and affiliates.)

    • Report metrics for your department by tracking services offered to the FIU community.

    • Data can be sorted by date, time, attendee, service, or event.

  • Optimizing Productivity

    With FIU One Card readers, attendance tracking is automated and saves you time and money while improving accuracy and creating efficiencies.

    • Accuracy - Eliminate inaccuracies of time sheets and falsified time logs with automated data capture. Prevent more than one entry per person for events and conferences.

    • Simplicity - Record all pertinent information with just the swipe of an FIU One Card.

    • Efficiency - Reduce the time required to process data.

    • Productivity - Manage your employee's time and performance to optimize their capabilities.