FIU cash

What is the FIU cash Logo Account?

The FIU Cash Account is a safe and convenient prepaid debit plan for students to make purchases on campus.  To establish your FIU Cash Account all you need to do is deposit money onto your account either online, via our GET mobile App, through a revaluing station on campus, in our office or via mail. The blue magnetic strip on the back of your One Card is coded to your student identification number and holds your FIU Cash Account access. Each time you swipe the card through a reader or Point of Sale, it deducts the amount of the sale from your account. Each time you use your FIU Cash Account at a point of sale, your remaining balance will appear at the register. The FIU Cash Account can be used at on-campus restaurants, computer labs, the 8th Street Cafe, libraries, retail venues on campus, and the university bookstore. As a currently enrolled student, you will begin to earn Reward Points for spending your FIU Cash*  on campus. For more information on Student Rewards visit our site.

There are four easy methods to deposit money into your debit account:

  • By Credit Card — Process FIU Cash Account deposits online using a credit card.
  • At a Value Port – Deposit cash into your FIU Cash Account at any of our 11 value ports located throughout our campuses for your convenience.
  • In Person at the One Card Office — Make cash or check deposits to your FIU Cash Account at the FIU One Card Office at your respective campus. (Please note that the cashiers cannot accept credit cards. Check deposits of more than $100 will be deposit within 2 business weeks)
  • Mail Your Check — Checks and money orders must be in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank and must be made payable to  "FIU." They must include the student's Panther ID number to ensure credit to the student's account. Post-dated checks are not accepted.

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