Fleet Services


The Florida International University Fleet Management is a division of the Office of Business Services. Fleet Services has two service locations to provide the Maidique Modesto and Biscayne Bay Campus with fleet related support. The University's diverse Fleet is comprised of approximately 500 vehicles and equipment consisting of golf carts, sedans, vans, pickups, bucket trucks, trailers, and several specialty equipment.

  • Mission Statement

    We are committed to deliver first-class fleet management services in support of the Florida International University Community and provide efficient, safe, reliable vehicles, and promote a sustainable fleet and maintenance operation.

  • Duties and Responsibilities

    Fleet Management is responsible to recommend and furnish safe, functional, and reliable vehicles and equipment necessary to conduct University operations, as well as, the management of two (2) fuel sites used for fueling University vehicles. Fleet Management focuses on various target areas including: Capital Investments, Vehicle Utilization, Asset Management, Policies & Procedures, Safety Management, Asset Maintenance, Inventory Control, as well as incorporating a Sustainable Approach in our daily operations. The following services have been implemented to better serve the FIU community.

    • Automated PM scheduling and notification process ensuring a high rate of vehicle user compliance.
    • Users have access to the vendor's web portal where they can view the status of their vehicle maintenance and/or repair.
    • Quick turnaround time for work orders.
    • Emergency road services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Free battery watering station service for electric golf carts is available every Friday.
    • Regular fleet liaison meetings are held to discuss fleet status, data reports and users needs, along with critique cards and bi-annual online customer service surveys.
  • Vision/Goal

    The goal of our preventive maintenance program is to establish consistent practices designed to improve the performance and safety of the vehicles and equipment at our University. Moreover, the planned maintenance of vehicles and equipment will help to improve equipment life, reduce maintenance cost, and reduce unplanned maintenance activity. A successful preventive maintenance program is dependent on the cooperation of all the parties involved. University policy affirms that state assets must be properly maintained and are required to be serviced through the on-campus shop operated by First Vehicle Services. A preventative maintenance schedule is in place for all state vehicles and assets. FIU's preventive maintenance program ensures fleet safety and accounts for maintaining frequent idling and high use vehicles with low mileage in peak performance. It is critical for all fleet users to follow proper maintenance procedures outlined in the Vehicle Acquisition, Assignment and Use of University Vehicles Policy 540.005. Florida International University Fleet Management is offering a new cost-saving and sustainable alternative to fleet purchases through vehicle sharing. Vehicle sharing helps University departments reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and optimize vehicle use. Vehicle sharing allows for flexibility and access to vehicles for short term hourly, daily or weekly use; it saves money by reducing the need for capital and maintenance expenditures; and provides a more sustainable approach to fleet management.

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