Inter-Campus Rental Program

The Inter-campus rental vehicle (Previously known as Vehicle Access Program-VAP) is offered to all departments for intra/inter-campus transportation. In order to cover the cost of maintaining the fleet, a minimum fee will apply.

The rates on this Inter-Campus Rental Pricing are for vehicle sharing vehicles in good mechanical condition, complete with all required attachments. Each rate covers all costs including depreciation, overhead, all maintenance, field repairs, fuel, lubricants, and tires.

  • Reserving a Rental Vehicle

    Departments requesting a rental vehicle should contact Fleet Management Staff at (305) 348-4321 to reserve a vehicle or via the online form found at XXXXXX.

    Requester shall provide the following information:

    1. Contact Name and number of authorized requestor
    2. Name & Panther ID of driver(s)
    3. Pick up date
    4. Length of rental (hours, days, weeks)
    5. Purpose of use
    6. Type of vehicle required
    7. Activity #
  • Picking up a Rental Vehicle

    Rental vehicles will be picked up at motor pool located at MMC Building W2

    Fleet Management staff will document beginning odometer reading and ensure fuel tank is topped-off.

    Fleet Management staff along with requester will perform a walk-around to document existing damage.

  • Returning a Rental Vehicle

    Fleet Management Staff must accompany the customer to the rental vehicle being returned.

    Vehicle Fleet Management Staff along with customer must verify:
        a. Ending odometer reading of vehicle
        b. Vehicle key is the correct key
        c. Conduct vehicle inspection
        d. Obtain signature from customer

  • User Department Responsibility

    Departments renting a vehicle are responsible for the following:

    1. Returning rental vehicles to Motor Pool immediately after use.
    2. Damages to the vehicles
    3. Replacement of lost keys
    4. Toll charges
    5. Red-light camera violations
  • Billing

    At the end of each month, Fleet Management Staff will bill user department for vehicles rented the previous month.

    Inter-campus Rental Pricing