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  • Provide textbook information to students as early as possible to allow them time for comparison shopping
  • Include in the course syllabus a statement of the book cost in the bookstore. Describe the books and indicate which, if any might be appropriate for students to share.
  • Ask textbook company sales representatives for price information. Make it clear that price is an important consideration for you.
  • Submit bookstore orders to the bookstore well in advance. When possible, place orders before the bookstores book buyback. Placing orders before the scheduled shipment also lowers costs.
  • If supplemental material is sold with the textbook (a practice commonly called bundling), make sure all parts of the bundle are used for the course. If all pieces are not needed, work with the bookstore to order what is needed.
  • Avoid requiring any book that is not going to be used in its entirety. Reconsider requiring supplemental materials such as course packets, which often have steep costs.
  • Evaluate new editions carefully before adopting them to be sure that changes are significant.
  • If your field generally builds a course a single textbook, identify multiple acceptable textbooks and ask the bookstore to invite bids from publishers for reduced prices.  Select the least expensive.
  • Consider using high quality, newly published and reasonably priced paperback trade books from the field, rather than textbooks. Compensentate by devoting more class time to the overview content a textbook would provide.
  • When possible consider using electronic library access to recent scholarly journals to make the course content more current and reduce book costs.  Libraries typically have electronic subscriptions that make materials available at no cost. 
  • When practical, allow multiple editions to be used for a course. Faculty may need to make adjustments in reading and homework assignments to accommodate multiple editions.
  • Work with the bookstore early to learn about potential textbook changes so they can order adequate supplies of books and try to get as many used books as possible.
  • Participate in the Textbook Affordability committee. Click HERE for more information.

The textbook adoption system is now available to faculty and departments to submit your Fall 2016 textbook adoptions and materials requirements.  The deadline for Fall adoptions is July 7, 2016. This date coincides with the beginning of advance registration and when students can view their course textbook and materials requirements. This information is also available online to all bookstores to help them ensure appropriate arrival of texts and better prices for student book buybacks.

Click HERE to submit your adoption or to learn more about Faculty Enlight FIU’s textbook adoption tool.

November 18th last day to submit Spring 2017 adoptions

  • Click HERE to download the message from the Provost