Print and Copy Services

Make sure to choose a copier that matches both your department’s speed and volume needs.

Once you have a rough estimate of your print/copy volume (you can retrieve from your billing statements), increase it by at least 15% to determine the monthly volume rating you should be looking for.

Your print/copy volume should fall within or a little higher than the recommended monthly volume of the model you're considering. It is best to pick a copier that can handle more work than you plan on (but not significantly higher), just to ensure its proper operation and make allowances for future growth. If not, expect your printer to poop out a lot sooner than anticipated.

Copier speed is usually given in cpm or ppm - copies or pages per minute. These ratings show how fast the machine can work. If your copier sees a lot of ongoing activity, this number is very handy for showing how useful a model will be in your workplace. Devices that produce fewer than 15 pages per minute are generally considered for personal use.  

Commercial copier ratings break down into six segments. FIU’s copier/printer options are as follows:

Please choose the link below to download the excel calculator to assist you in your decision. It will provide a better understanding of your current and future costs based on print/copy volume. You can manipulate the copier choices and volumes to determine the cost associated you’re your decision.  

Toshiba Calculator

Once you have made your decision, you will find the form to place your order located in the Place Your Order section or you may use the link below.

Toshiba Order Form 

FIU equipment options and rates are featured below for color and black print/copy models.  

Each equipment model can be customized by adding the optional accessories of your choice. Some options may require additional room space in order to fit (Your Toshiba representative will notify you if this should be the case). Please note that the accessories contain an additional cost, indicated in the chart above, which will be added to your invoice each month. Scanning to USB and FIU email are free features for most models. However if scanning is the predominant use for the equipment, an additional monthly fee may be assessed for maintenance and servicing. 

To review more detail and specifications concerning each model, please select or click the options below.

Black and White Models (A) 

Color Models (B)

Each department will be responsible for the purchase of paper, which is not included in the lease of your equipment. All equipment models work best with 20lb, 30 recycled bond paper. Please use the recommended paper product to maintain efficient operation and a long life for your equipment.

Paper is available at OFFICE MAX at the following link:

Staples, toner, fuser oil, maintenance and parts are included with the lease of your equipment. No additional charges will apply for these items. 

To request supplies, you may email or call utilizing the contact information below.

Supply Deliveries

Now that you have completed the initial steps of evaluation and you have made your decision, it is time to request your equipment. Please complete the Excel order form located in the link below, save it and then email to You may also find other helpful forms in the Forms and Useful Tools Sections.

Toshiba Order Form

A Toshiba representative will email or contact you within 48 hours regarding your order.

Training is delivered on site by specialized instructors and/or via web based applications. The following training opportunities are available:

Basic Operator Training

This training addresses the basic features and functions of the product. This training is normally conducted Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm. The session cover subjects such as how to operate the equipment and other programming capabilities.  Basic operator training with a specialized instructor normally occurs immediately or a few days following the installation of the equipment but can be scheduled to meet your needs. Use the “cheat sheets” found in the Forms section for some quick

Key Operator Training

This training provides key departmental contacts/operators with a more in-depth overview of the product than a basic user. The session cover subjects such as replacing toner, clearing misfeeds, and other non-technical maintenance. Key operator training with a specialized instructor normally occurs immediately or a few days following the installation of the equipment but can be scheduled to meet your needs.

Online Training

Online interactive training for all equipment models so that users may familiarize and retrain with product functionality on their own and at their own pace. These tutorials will help you learn various user functions at your device, such as:

  • Copy Functions
  • Print Functions
  • Scan Functions
  • Faxing
  • E-Filing
  • Toner and Paper Replacement
  • Understanding Software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Special Functions

On-line training is found at

Instructor-led training sessions require a minimum of 12 people. To request training, you may call the contact information below. 

              Phone: 1-800-526-7926

Billing and Statement of Charges

On a monthly basis, departments will receive a Statement of Charges and a detailed report of copying and printing activity for a given month. Charges will be applied directly to Panthersoft in accordance to the billing information submitted on the Copier/Printer Order Form. Additional reports by user, by activity number, and other summary details are available upon request.  

Should a department desire to request additional reports or have questions concerning their monthly Statement of Charges, you may email or call utilizing the contact information below.

          Phone: 1-800-526-7926 (FIU Billing)

To request changes to billing information (eg, add or remove users, add or change activity/project numbers, suspend user copying and printing access), please complete the Revisions Form located in the link below, save it and then email it to

Toshiba Revisions Form

All equipment is electronically monitored so that the system automatically communicates maintenance issues, toner levels and so forth. The system sends alerts to allow service to be proactively conducted prior to items escalating to a level that warrants a service call. However, should there be instances that you have to call for supplies (ie, toner, staples) and for copier/printer repairs, you may email or call utilizing the contact information below:

Service Repair:
                         Phone: 1-800-526-7926 (FIU Service)

For After Hours (5:00PM & weekends) – 954-428-1300, follow voice prompts.  Start by choosing Dade County

Supply Deliveries:
                              Phone: 1-800-526-7926 (FIU Supply)

Documents available to assist with the Managed Print/Copy Program:

  • Basic Training Cheat Sheets
    Information to provide basic instructional steps regarding the copier use and functionality.  For additional training information, please see the Training Section.
  • Calculator
    Mechanism to assist in analyzing costs based on annual volume to assist with copier equipment decisions.  
  • Order Form
    Application to allow you to order new equipment and/or accessories 
  • Revisions Form
    Application that allow you to make revisions to billing information, suspend users, limit equipment access, add or delete users and other necessary changes 
  • Student Employee Copy Activity Form
    Application to assist in monitoring student-employee copying and printing activity