The new policy ensures that state assets are properly maintained. A mandatory preventative maintenance schedule will be implemented for all state vehicles. This will allow Vehicle Services to maintain an appropriate fleet of university vehicles in good condition and maximize the life and efficiency of the vehicles. The departments keeping vehicles will be required to service all vehicles through the Vehicle Services auxiliary.

The new price structure below will take effect starting April 4th, 2016. 

Vehicle Services Rates

Minimum Cost for Preventive Maintenance Schedule
(Not including parts)

Vehicle Sharing

The Vehicle Sharing (Previously known as Vehicle Access Program-VAP) will be offered to all departments for intra/inter-campus transportation. In order to cover the cost of maintaining the fleet, a minimum fee will apply. Vehicle Services will offer pick-up and drop-off services to those departments requesting the use of a vehicle.

State Vehicle Access Fee

The demand for parking and access continues to increase. Reducing the number of state vehicles on campus will help to increase the number of available parking spaces to students and staff. However, the rising cost requires that the university charge a access fee for all state vehicles.