Vehicle Sharing


1st Time Users
Your department chair will need to provide Vehicle Services with a memo including all the names of employees that are allowed to obtain vehicles from FVS.

Obtaining a Vehicle
Call/Go to Vehicle Services Office located in the Motor Pool building.
1. The clerk will open a work order for you/your department.
2. The customer must sign the work order after verifying the following:
    a. Vehicle is in good condition (no damages)
    b. Vehicle gas tank indicator shows full
    c. If obtaining a vehicle for someone, the name must be added in the work order.
3. Gas consumption will be charged separate

Departments may call ahead to reserve vehicles.

Returning a Vehicle
A Vehicle Services employee must accompany the customer to the vehicle
1. The borrower will come into the office and return the key
2. Vehicle services employee and customer must verify:
    a. Mileage of vehicle
    b. Vehicle key is the correct key
    c. Conduct Vehicle Inspection
    d. Fuel the vehicle while in the presence of the borrower
    e. Add the fuel consumption to the work order under Sublet.
    f. Obtain signature from borrower

Vehicle Sharing Pricing

*Departments will be responsible for any damages to the vehicles.