Pepsi Product Request

Pepsi Products Mosaic

Pepsi Co. is the official beverage vending partner of FIU and holds exclusivity of pouring and marketing rights on campus. As part of this partnership, Pepsi Co. donates a limited number of cases of product to FIU for University events.  The Office of Business Services administers the donations while supplies last.  

Donated product will be delivered by Pepsi Co. to the Office of Business Services, the requesting department is responsible for pickup at DC - 122 Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:00PM.  The requesting department will be notified when product is received in order to schedule a pickup date and time. 

Any department interested in requesting donated product for an event must complete and submit the FIU Beverage Donation Request Form at least two weeks prior to requested pick up date.  

Donations are limited as follows:

  • 1 request per department per year
  • Maximum of 5 cases per event

Products available for request:

Pepsi Diet Pepsi (caffeine free avail.) Sierra Mist Diet Sierra Mist
Mountain Dew Diet Mountain Dew Dr. Pepper Diet Dr. Pepper
Orange Crush Diet Orange Crush Brisk Iced Tea Aquafina Water
Bubly Water

For information about Pepsi’s exclusive rights on the FIU campus, read the Pepsi Exclusivity Memo

For more information about beverage donations please email:

Any department interested in purchasing Pepsi products, please email: