Meet the Directors

Headshot of Executive Director

Roger Clegg

Assistant Vice President

Phone: 305-348-2171


Headshot of Director of Finance

Isabel Blanco

Director of Finance

Oversees the management of accounting and associated personnel, financial reporting operating and capital budgets for all facets of Business Services.

Phone: 305-348-6852


Headshot of Director of Marketing

Susana G. Brumfield, Ph.D.

Director of marketing

Directs the marketing, communications and consumer insights for Business Services.

Phone: 305-348-7247


Headshot of Director of Retail

Kenia Junco, MBA.

director of retail

Responsible for non-food retail operations management, commercial space management and contract management.

Phone: 305-348-7246


Headshot of Director of Dining

Felecia Townsend

Director of Business Services Operations

Responsible for the operational oversight,  fiscal, and programmatic activities of dining services, catering, student printing, venue reservations, and various related services.

Phone: 305-348-2187


Headshot of Assistant Director of Contracts

Aimee Nunez

assistant director contracts

Manages and drafts documents and correspondence for Business Services legal matters, including agreements, licenses, amendments, and MOU’s.

Phone: 305-348-2417