Explore our a convenience store, food market called Recharge U, as well as our best-in-class cafe with comfortable seating for students, faculty and community to meet and order premium coffees and beverages and food. The Glossary is our beauty-store-within-a-store shop that offers premium cosmetics and other beauty products.

More than a bookstore…

Photo of Barnes and Noble Cafe

Barnes & Noble Café

Beverages and Snacks

Welcoming in-store café is a popular campus destination, offering premium Starbucks coffee and an assortment of student-focused products and appetizing menu options that appeal to the tastes of the FIU campus.

Outside of Recharge U

Recharge U

Convenience Store

Convenience market that allows students to choose from a wide selection of fresh and packaged foods and drinks, including premium hot coffees and teas, organic and vegan offerings, energy snacks and more.

Student at The Glossary inside of Barnes and Noble

The Glossary

Health, Beauty, & Cosmetics

The beauty store-within-a-store concept allows students to shop for premium cosmetics and other nationally known beauty products on campus throughout the school year. 

Where to find us


Modesto Maidique – Graham Center

Biscayne Bay – Wolfe University Center

Connect with Us

Modesto Maidique- 305-348-2691

Biscayne Bay – 305-919-5580

Ways to Pay

FIU One Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash.