Fleet Management.

The Florida International University Fleet Management is a division of the Office of Business Services. Fleet Services has two service locations to provide the Maidique Modesto and Biscayne Bay Campus with fleet related support. The University’s diverse Fleet is comprised of approximately 500 vehicles and equipment consisting of golf carts, sedans, vans, pickups, bucket trucks, trailers, and several specialty equipment.

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Pricing & Rates

Vehicle service rates and preventive maintenance rates.

Driver Resources

Vehicle Breakdowns & Towing

All vehicle breakdowns need to be reported to Fleet Management. Please use the contact information provided below in the event that a University vehicle or equipment experiences a breakdown or towing services are required.

Fleet Management

Maidique Campus
Building W-2
Phone: (305) 348-4641
24/7 after-hours: (561) 314-5278
Biscayne Bay Campus
Building S0-3 Physical Plant
Phone: (305) 919-5576
24/7 after-hours: (954) 809-5499

Fleet Manager: (305) 348-4321

Reporting a Vehicle crash

All crash, injuries and damages that occur while occupying a University Vehicle must be immediately reported to the vehicle operator’s immediate supervisor, FIU Department of Risk Management & Fleet Management (305) 348-4321.

If there are injuries,

• Off Campus, immediately Dial 911
• On campus immediately call FIU Police at (305) 348-5911

If there are no injuries

• Off Campus, notify local Police
• On Campus, call FIU Police at (305) 348-2626

If You Are Involved In an Automobile Crash

• Report any accident immediately to your supervisor.
• Have the accident investigated by law enforcement (local Police).
• Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.
• Don’t promise to pay anything.
• Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all occupants in the other vehicle(s) and/or pedestrians involved in the accident from the investigating law enforcement officer.
• At the scene of the accident, do not discuss details of the accident with anyone except the investigating law enforcement officer.
• Write down the case number from the police report and obtain a copy of the police report, if available, and forward it to FIU Risk Management Department.
• If requested to do so, provide the Police officer with Insurance Policy Number: Policy AL-07-041.
• Contact FIU Risk Management Department at 305-348-6970

If You Are Injured In an Automobile Accident

IMMEDIATELY report all work-related injuries or illnesses by calling AmeriSys toll free at 1-800-455-2079. AmeriSys is available 24 hours each day to triage and coordinate medical care. It is best if both the employee and the supervisor / workers’ compensation coordinator participate in the call. However, if both are not available, at least one party must call AmeriSys immediately.

Emergency Responder Procedures for the Injured Employee(s)

In an emergency, follow 911 procedures. After the employee is in the care of emergency services, IMMEDIATELY report the incident to AmeriSys toll free at 1-800-455-2079. The AmeriSys staff will contact the emergency room or hospital to coordinate care for the employee.

General Information
• Do not discuss the crash with anyone at the scene
• Obtain the name and contact information of witnesses
• Notify your supervisor
• Notify the Risk Management (305) 348-6970 within 72 hours of the crash
• Provide to EH&S all required documentation, including but not limited to writing statement, and police report regarding the occurrence within 21 days from the date of the crash
• Crash if requested to do so, provide the Police officer with Insurance Policy Number: Policy AL-07-041.

General Information

SAFETY FIRST! Report any mechanical or safety issues to Fleet Management immediately.
• All occupants of state-owned, or leased vehicles operated on state business shall properly utilize the seat belts or occupant restraint system provided.
• University owned, or leased, Motor Vehicles and watercraft shall be used for official state purpose only.
• Smoking is prohibited inside University owned or leased vehicles
• Check fuel gauge before each trip.
IMPORTANT If your trip requires you to travel via a toll road, please ensure that the vehicle is equipped with an active Sun Pass transponder.
• It is the responsibility of each operator to properly fill out the daily vehicle trip log.
• The use of University Vehicles requested via a “Travel Authorization Request Form” must be inspected by Fleet Management prior to trip.
• Avoid unnecessary engine idling.
• Before operating a University vehicle, the driver must ensure that they answer yes to the questions below.
– Driver has in their possession a valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle being driven
– Operator has the proper training to operate the vehicle or equipment
– Drive has the authority to operate the vehicle

Battery Care

For dead batteries please contact Parking & Transportation.
MMC & BBC 305-348-3615